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Welcome to our blog on the properties of canary seed, in which we’ll elaborate on the many medicinal applications of alpiste and attempt to help you, thus, to achieve a healthier lifestyle. To start right away, we’d like to ask you a question: did you know that you could easily reduce your body weight progressively and safely by consuming a natural, low-cost beverage known as alpiste milk, made out of only canary seed and water? If this is of any interest to you, we advise you to keep reading, and we’ll tell you how to take this interesting shortcut to a slimmer you.

Today, our society seems to be extremely obsessed with certain aesthetic patterns and tendencies that point towards looking, acting and, overall, being healthy in order to project a good image of oneself. The very concept of beauty nowadays seems to be hard-linked to the notion of having a slim body and excercising often to maintain it through.

Sadly, given our bad eating habits and, in many cases, our own genetic predisposition to gain excess weight rapidly, it has become extremely difficult for many of us to actually start dropping some of our excess weight and obtain the body of our dreams.

Currently, however, with the vast availability of products and supplements destined to diminish our weight which now flood our marketplace, it has become common practice for many of us to fall victims to booby traps which only rob us of our hard earned money and don’t provide us with any of the decisive, definitive results we’re actually looking for. This is where alpiste milk steps in.

alpiste milk

According to recent publications we’ve been examining, originating in the University of Oxford as well as in Mexico’s UNAM, canary seed can and does play an important role in diminishing the weight of its consumers given that prolongued, periodical intake of its nutrients takes place over the course of some months. How does this work, exactly? Well, according to the University of Oxford’s studies on canary seed’s properties, this seed does contain a handful of high quality proteins and fatty acids which, once consumed in conjuction, enhance our metabolic processes and agilize our digestive rates and promote a major consumption of fats stored all within our bodies speedily, constantly and, overall, in a safe manner.

Consumption of this type of beverage is expected to be daily if good results are desired by the individual. It is suggested that alpiste milk be prepared once every day and drunk twice, once immediately after waking up, and later right before going to sleep.

So the question is, how should it be prepared?

Alpiste milk is, surprisingly enough, quite easy to make: you have to submerge two handfuls of canary seed in water, within a clean container, and leave it there for a whole night; then, the next morning, you remove all the water, and then place all your canary seeds in a blender, add two or three more glasses of water  or milk –depending on your personal taste- and serve it, leaving one half of the resulting product in the fridge to consume it nightly, then repeat the process each day.

Soon, you’ll notice mostly satisfying results, and your weight will be dropping almost immediately with alpiste milk. Keep reading our blog for more articles on how to obtain this wonderful product.

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